Monday, November 14, 2011


My elder daughter Sarah is working on her Baden-Powell Challenge for Guides (like Girl Scouts for those in the US) - and one of the things they are doing is fund-raising for their unit. To this end, I have donated a raffle prize and they are selling tickets at 50p (about 80c US) a shot. The raffle is due to be drawn on Monday, 19 December. All proceeds to the Girl Guides.

She and a friend who is also working on the challenge have sold a number of tickets already, but as their audience is limited, I've offered to publicise it a little more widely... So, if you are interested in a raffle ticket (or more than one) for the chance to win this quilt (approx 78x62"), please let me know... I'm sure we can work out the payment issue either by paypal, discreet cash, etc. I can easily accomodate people in the UK and the US (my mother is visiting in December and can mail a quilt in the US after the new year); for other locations, I'm still happy to have you buy a raffle ticket, but I might have to ask you to pay the postage if you were to win, so it's up to you!


Lynne said...

Good luck with it - I hope it goes well for your daughter (I'm an ex-GG, Ranger and Brown Owl myself!)

I'll think about the postage issue - it cost me over $30 to post something to the US yesterday!

Andrea said...

I'll have 10 please Kate. I think I have your address so will send it on. It's a lovely quilt. Good luck to your daughter & friends xx