Saturday, April 02, 2011

Purple - I hope!

As many of you may know, I'm following along with the 2011 Rainbow Scrap Challenge (button in sidebar) as I wanted to reduce my scrap stash anyway, and this seemed a fun way to approach it. We started the year with blue, then moved to red in February and green last month. This month, while there has been no official announcement of the colour chosen, the background of the So Scrappy blog has changed to purple (it has matched the colour every month so far), so I'm gonna take a leap of faith and assume purple is the chosen colour. And if not, well, I've still reduced my scraps, right?

I started by weeding out all my purple 5" squares, and combining them with some 2 3/4" squares in tans and pale browns to make no-waste flying geese blocks. I then took these blocks, added a two inch strip down the side (using my purple 4" squares) and then a strip along the bottom (from my purple strip stash), to end up with a block about 5.75" square. The blocks really are all purple and tan, not blue, but you know how hard it is to photograph purples accurately.

Anyway, I have some more to make yet, but when they are finished, they will have made a reasonable dent in the purples - and I will also make some purple string hearts to go along with my blue, red and green ones, of course.

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