Sunday, April 10, 2011

Block Stash, part 3

I got rid of (or used) many of the block sets I had as a result of the years I did loads of block swapping on online forums, but I did keep a few - these framed batik 4 patches were a case in point - I got rid of some of them, but kept enough to make something with - I have 36, 10" blocks.

And these are a recent acquisition with my dyeing group - they are 12" wonky log cabins entirely in hand-dyes - some wonkier than others. There are 12 of these, so they'll make a nice small quilt.

These guys are three sets of Roman Stripe HST units - I used to have even more of these - goodness knows why - but they are 6.5" blocks and there are 32 with light blue triangles, 40 with purple triangles and 60 with dark blue triangles. I've used some of them in borders, etc, but really must get around to doing something with the rest of them.

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Lynn W. said...

I like these block sets in particular. Maybe it's because they are predominantly batiks which I love. Again, I'll be watching to see what happens to the stacks.