Saturday, April 09, 2011

Block Stash, part 2

More block sets I have hanging around - these are obviously a very recent addition, the green scrappy blocks I just made up recently. Hopefully they will get made into a top before long. There are 20, 12" blocks.

These are 16, 6" blocks in Japanese taupes, in a corn and beans pattern.

And these are 9, 8" funky houses, inspired by the block lotto one month last year. I want to use these for a funky baby quilt, but again, have taken a pauseto think about sashing...


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I had some houses that I sent to Beth at love laugh quilts. All random sizes shapes & types, she made them into a great quilt. She had the bases of the houses round the edge, with the roofs pointing in.

Lynn W. said...

More interesting sets. I remember the funky houses when you were making them. I think they'd make a fun baby quilt, too.