Friday, April 01, 2011

Modern Clover

So, these are my block lotto blocks for April - I did think about posting a blog entry saying something like I'd finished all my UFOs and had no projects I was working on, but decided that while those of you actually reading on the day might get it (April Fools!), it might be confusing later on...

Anyway. Instead, you get my block lotto blocks for April. These blocks are a little more special than normal because this is actually a block I made up myself. A little background to that...

I've been doing the lotto for some time now - years - and am pretty good friends with the Grand Vizier of all things Lotto, Sophie, despite never having actually met her. At one point, when she was having some health problems and moving house, I even helped do the admin for the lotto for a few months (and boy was I glad to be able to hand that back to her - it's a LOT of work, even when everything goes totally smoothly!). Anyway, we frequently talk lotto via email and sometimes she bounces ideas off me or gets my opinion about a certain block or colourway (there are other longtimers who also perform this function...). To be honest, she's usually right in whatever she thinks in the first place - and sometimes, a block which I wasn't sure about actually turns out to be immensely popular and I end up liking it as well! But it's fun to throw ideas back and forth and to be a little in on the process from time to time.

This block came about as part of a discussion about possible flower blocks for the lotto - we were looking at all sorts of things, from the extremely simple to the more complex, and this was something I drafted as an example of a very simple flower block, made from (mostly) half-square triangle units. In the end, Sophie decided to use it for the April block, with a few refinements (like the colour placement - keeping the lighter fabric to the left), which is fun.

I was able to make these blocks entirely from my stash of scrap squares, as well, so that's a nice bonus!

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jovaliquilts said...

It's a great block, Kate, thanks!
You're one of the people I'm sending March blocks to; they'll be in the mail on Monday.