Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New cross stitch

This was a mother's day present, so it seemed appropriate that I start it straight away after finishing Winter. Given how fast the beehive was to stitch up, I'm hoping the whole thing won't take too long - there's no tedious filler like the snow in the last piece (there's a row of grass, but it's not very high, so it shouldn't take too long). The shed is the biggest single thing, and it's going fairly fast. After this one, I really should get back to the beach huts - it would be nice to finish that (the last photo I seem to have on the blog doesn't show the piece as up-to-date as I know it is - for instance, I'm sure I've started a second hut! - anyway, if I go back to that once Quite Contrary is finished, I'll be sure to show a progress update on it.)


mumzy said...

You have a lot of patience to do so much stitching. My daughter does beautiful cross stitching but unfortunately I don't have the patience or the eyesight to do cross stitching.

Angela said...

You've made a great start, it's coming along really quickly. You find the cutest patterns too!