Sunday, April 17, 2011

Funky houses

After I posted about my block stash last week, I decided that it was a bit silly to have so many sets of blocks hanging around to no purpose, so I'd make some of them up into tops (which I can then have sitting around to no purpose!). Especially the ones where it's fairly easy to work out what to do with them. So, first off, these house blocks - I decided to sash them with some grass and some sky - it's a little funky, but then, so are the houses. This will go in the stack of tops for when baby quilts are needed. I am trying not to keep too many of those around, as my friends seem to have stopped having babies for the time being!


Lynne said...

I like it - as a novice quilter, I can only hope ... one day!

Angela said...

What a fun little quilt. I'm almost tempted to get pregnant just so you have someone to send it too ;-)

Ruth's Place said...

These are very cute!

And Angela's comment made me snort coffee through my nose.