Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not much to show (or tell)

Not much to show today - I edged the letter postcards, and will post them tomorrow, and I did some more of the little four patches I showed yesterday - they can go sit somewhere for a while now, while I decide what I'm going to do with them. And I received this postcard today - monochromatic, from Beth. And that's it for today (well, it's half-term, so I tend to do more taking the kids to get pumpkins, dropping them at birthday parties & coach trips to see Disney on Ice, errands, and so on and less sewing). Oh, and Happy Birthday to DD2, 8 years old today.

I have this real itch to clear out my sewing room, so I might do that tomorrow morning - and we need to grocery shop as well. Always a joy with kids, and normally I'd have the shopping delivered during school holidays, but they asked to come along and promised to be nice, so I've relented - I think they want to look at all the Hallowe'en goodies - not to mention the Christmas stuff is in the shops already - sigh. I guess I should take photos of my sewing room clearout if I do that - especially the one where everything is piled all over the bedroom and you'd never be able to work out how it all fits in that tiny room!


blackbearcabin said...

still sounds like a fairly productive day to me :)

shopping and kids....hmmmm....stay away from the cereal aisle :) though im sure the Halloween goodies are sure to be an attractive nuisance :)

why do we always feel we must clean out our sewing/craft rooms? is it a never-ending project?

thanks for sharing kate....
have a nice day!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. I just love Halloween...autumn, pumpkins, and hopefully cooler weather than the 89 high temperature we had earlier in the week!