Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring windowsills

Well, might not look like much progress today, but I managed to get all the windows stitched down (each card is quilted around each of the four windows) and vases and flower stems on all the cards. Which means that tonight I can begin to put the flower sequins and beads on. Hurrah! There are lots of cards this time, because they are for two different swaps, and of course I am making extra to send as birthday cards, swap independently and/or sell in my esty shop, as usual.

The oriental lantern blocks are from Julie in Australia, and I should just say that the one on the left is not too small (which it kind of looks like in the photo) - it's just folded at the bottom and I couldn't get it to lay flat to take the photo. Great colour combos - such a variety of these blocks - it just goes to show how many oriental fabrics are out there!

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Shelina said...

What a good idea for a quilt - the windowsills. Beautiful. The postcards are great. I haven't made any in a while.