Monday, April 30, 2007

Card City

An astonishing crop of cards today (and a few other things, too). I got three cards from the Earth Day swap - the leaf and the butterfly/flower ones in addition to the obvious one. The World on the Back of a Turtle card is from Theresa, the Butterfly is from Ellen and the Aspen Leaf is from Sophie. In addition, there was a belated card from the International Women's Day swap from Sophie and a Circles card from Sue. And lanterns - these are from Desiree and include extras (I am going to have SO many lanterns - what will I do - would that all my problems were of this nature, LOL).

And finally, the blacks on the left both came in the both (thanks to Judy and Jane), but the blocks on the right are something I actually made - these are for my African block swap with Karol Ann, and are the first that I've made for the swap. Just wanted something which would be fairly simple to do and would show off large bits of the African fabrics. I did also do some work on the Jacob's ladder blocks, but as I was strip piecing, I don't have any finished ones to show yet...

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sophie said...

It's great to see that my postcards arrived in good condition. You must have one incredible collection of fiber postcards, Kate.