Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hurrah for postcards!

I love postcards. You probably figured this out. I can't believe I used to be skeptical about them. But I adore them. Anyway, today's post brought me two new ones - both for the circles swap (you may have worked that out). The one on the left is from Janet, who was also inspired to use Suffolk Puffs; the one on the right is from Anne, who went with a mathematical theme. It's just as well that I got some postcards today, as I didn't do anything else sewing related. I did, however, go down and pick some asparagus at our local pick your own (first of the year, hurrah). And did a bunch of other errands - oh well, Thursday is usually a non-sewing day anyway. Maybe I'll do some work tonight while watching House and Shark. Or maybe I'll just veg...

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