Saturday, April 21, 2007

Postcards, postcards everywhere

Today's work entirely consisted of postcards - first, I finished off the other six Earth Day cards - one for myself, one to possibly swap with a friend in the other group from this swap (it was divided into two groups) and the other four are now listed in my etsy shop, so perhaps they will find a new, interesting home somewhere. (Have now communicated with both of my etsy buyers and it seems paypal was struggling a little, so we have sorted it out I think - hoorah, I have officially sold things!)

I also did the quilting on four more of the circles cards - only two blue ones left to do, and then of course the backings and the edges. And I worked on the background for the mini string squares for the open theme swap with EuroQuilt - not sure what else I am going to do to these, though I'm thinking maybe buttons. I dunno, will have to have a rummage around in my stuff drawers and see what inspires me.

And finally, two more things to show - first, another collection of black bits from my friend Lesley (thanks!) and some flying geese. The flying geese I didn't really work on today, other than to cut them to size - they are pieces I've been hand piecing in the evenings watching telly. They will be for the Arts in the Mail swap "Begins with G" (Geese. I'm going with a loose interpretation), which isn't due until later this summer - July, I think, but at least June, so not for a while. Just gives me something to do at night if I don't feel like trying to work out what stitch I'm supposed to be working on for Take A Stitch Tuesday.

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Helen in the UK said...

Lots of wonderful postcards. Particularly taken by the flying geese cards - they are great. I'm sure your 'G' cards recipients will be thrilled with them :)