Monday, April 23, 2007

A little bit of that sewing thang

Didn't do much today - just these four blocks - the final two lanterns (which would have been done ages ago with the others, if I could actually count) and two more Jacob's Ladder blocks. Nothing too exciting, but I only had about an hour to play today, so I didn't want to get stuck into another group of postcards, or I wouldn't be able to stop to go to the post office (to mail those circle cards, yippee!) or pick the kids up from school, or any of those other vital things.

I do still feel fairly virtuous though, as I finally managed to ride my bike to yoga (decent weather, hoorah) and home again - I have decided I really need a new bike - granted this one was free, which is great, but it's stuck in second gear, which is not so good for hills (which, luckily, there aren't that many of around here) and it's a bit battered - advantage of that being no one likely to try to steal it, even with a very basic bike lock. DH has promised I can get a new one "for my birthday", once we get the planned bike shed built this spring/early summer (said birthday is November, so this is cool). But I digress. Got this little squishie in the post today from Grace to add to my black mock-sashing collection. Quilters are cool, aren't they!

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Jo in NZ said...

Kate, thanks for visiting my blog, and for your supportive comment. I still have one at home, and we do like a homeschool preschool thing, so no break from him at all. Now , what I am really interested in is your postcards. How do you mail them? Do you think a toned down version of my stuff would go thru the post OK? One of my groups is embarking on a postcard swap...I know some people frank them then put them in clear bags to post. What do you suggest?
Ta in advance. PM me privately!