Sunday, April 29, 2007

Missing in action (Wednesday?)

Just realised that I forgot to post pictures of these cards, and a load of lantern blocks that I received last week - I think it must have been Wednesday, as that's the day that seems to be missing from the blog. Hmm. Also, all the work I did Wednesday - spring card preparation and edging the sky cards - I won't bother with all those pictures just now, though - the goodies are enough!

Anyway. The leaf & flower card is for the spring is here swap on FAI, and is from Debbie in New Zealand; the fish are for the Open Theme swap on EuroQuilt and are from Flo in Germany. As for the lantern blocks, my brain is going a bit soft tonight (no jokes about it not being just tonight, please!) but I think they are from Pat
and Vanessa. Lots of extras from both of these ladies, which is really sweet of them. I have a feeling I might have received some black scraps from Grace on this day, too, but I could be wrong - I definitely got some from her, so here's a big thank you to Grace...

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