Friday, April 20, 2007


Well, I finished some of the Earth Day cards - enough to mail, anyway. I have 5 more that want finishing - all that's left to do is attach the back and do the satin stitching, so it won't be TOO hard to do. But these have now gone out in the post to their intended recipients for the swap, so I can tick that off my list.

The other thing I worked on today was quilting my circles postcards - having been reminded by receiving a circle card in the post today (left) that I should finish mine up soon. So, here are four of them, cut to size and quilted onto pelmet vilene - I still have to add the backing and satin stitch them, and of course, there are 6 or 7 more waiting to be done. Mailout date on that one is the end of April, so it's not really a panic. The one on the left is from Heather, and is a bit more colourful than the photo, though it is quite a grey card. I really like it and it's VERY different from mine, which is always nice.

The other thing I did today was to attach some lace to some tyvek and try to melt it (the tyvek) - the result is the piece you see on the right here. The other two are plain tyvek, painted with acrylic paints and melted (with an iron, I don't have a heat gun). This is for a technique swap on my surface embellishment group, and I am sort of medium happy with the results. Frankly, I think this is a technique that will need a little more practice, but as the swap needs to be in the US at the end of April, I think this will do for the moment. I will play more later. (Resisting the urge to say, when I have more time, because when is that?)


Clevelandgurlie said...

Hi Kate. I love your blog. Very creative and lovely results you are having with your "fiber play"

My maiden name was Cathie "West" - how funny. I got a good bit of teasing in grade school - I bet you did too. Cathie Wild, Wild, West - is what they used to call me.
Anyway - love the tyvek and lace experiment. I think I'll have a go at that. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I will check up on your blog often. Keep creating!

Amy said...

Kate -- your Earth Day cards are awesome (as I assumed they would be). Lucky, lucky recipients ;)