Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today was an ATC sort of day

First, I finished off a set I had started the other day - three of these are going off to the July birthday girls in my Birthday ATC swap; the others have gone into the gallery on ATCs for All, which I joined back in June, but have only just started swapping with (and I've already arranged about 10 swaps in just a few days - if you want to swap ATCs, I think it might well be the place!).

Then I worked on these - they started with the top three as cards for a "Three of a Kind" (card must feature three of the same something) also on ATCs for All - one other requirement was that the cards be flat with no bulky embellishments. Well, you can imagine how hard that was for me, the Queen of Bulky Embellishments... But I persevered and came up with three cards with flat threes of a kind. However, along the way, I kept thinking of all the things I might be able to use if I didn't have to make flat cards, so I used some of the same materials and added a bit more stuff which wasn't flat to make some other cards. Voila.

These cards are also unusual in that they aren't finished on the back. They are fairly neat on the back, just a little stitching and a few fold-downs of brads and things, but I didn't want to back them because the card I used as a base fabric was punched with loads of tiny holes and I wanted the cards to still be partly see-through.

Tomorrow, it's on to the last of the Around the World Quilt Bee blocks - I got four sets of blocks in the post today (one my own! when I open it, I'll share it here, but I'm trying to get the ones I have to work on done before I look at my own) and hope to make the blocks for the three that have to move on, tomorrow.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Those ATCs are so pretty...I love all the attention to detail you give each one.

Doreen K. said...

I love the butterfly ones. The embellishing on them is wonderful.