Sunday, July 18, 2010

Around the world quilt bee

Yesterday I received the last four installments of the Around the World Quilt Bee - I did blocks for three of them today - and the fourth one is mine, so I didn't have to work on that (yet - obviously it will eventually have to be quilted!). I'll show one of the blocks today - this is for Katy (I'm a Ginger Monkey) who has a virtual village thing going:

My block will be the first in the last row at the bottom - it's not shown in this photo. The other two blocks will follow later in the week, as will my own quilt - might as well save something for another day!


Angelcat said...

What a cute block, I'll look forward to seeing the building of the rest of your street in the virtual village :)

Dahn said...

How fun is this quilt! It gives me an idea of trying it with some of my local quilting friends. :-)