Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spring Fling Round Robin

Although I did quite a bit of work today, I can't really show what I did, as the Spring Fling Round Robin is a secret this time around. However, I can show a sneak peek of some of the quilting - this is a very small segment of the whole - and I think it's safe to show the back, which shows the quilting, but not the pieced top, so it would be very difficult to form an idea of what the top looks like, with the possible exception of the person who finished off the top and sent it to me! I had fun with this - I started from the middle with the flowers, as in the sneak peek, and worked out. What you can't see from these photos is the piecing, which is really interesting and quite varied, so the quilting was fun to try to plan. I promise to come back and show more photos after it's bound, labelled, and the final recipient has it in her possession...

1 comment:

Mom said...

The center is a dead giveaway if the maker of the center sees it!!
Looks great