Saturday, June 06, 2009

Corn & beans redux

Ta da! I have finished quilting the corn and beans quilt - and I did need the second spool of thread, though only a little. Probably if I'd started with one brand new one (I think I've used it on a few postcards, etc) it would have made it through - but that's ok, I love the colour and will gladly use it again. Tomorrow I will try to get the binding on.

I also made a couple of postcards for a batik background swap - I chose a colourful batik and threadpainted over the flowers, then added some couched fibre and sequins. Simple, but effective. On the right, a selection of neutral fabrics I got from my fabric club this month - which is nice as this area of my stash always needs boosting.


Vicki W said...

As if we ever fret over left over fabric, thread, batting....or anything else for that matter!

Unknown said...

great selection of neutrals - a girl can never have too many neutrals - love the corn and beans quilt

wonderwoman said...

love your quilt, its beautiful.


mumzy said...

Beautiful quilt - nice job!

TexasRed said...

These are fantastic!

Left a blog award for you over on my book page: