Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new round robin

I'm very lucky in that I have been able to join in a new round robin, mostly composed of people in the US - this is a project organised by Sharon, and it's for a small quilt - finished size somewhere around 13x18" - where each person adds a piece of a particular size & shape or to some other instruction. But as it's a very small project, the amount of work you do each month, even if your addition is quite complex, which it often may not be, is minimal. Here are the quilts from the previous round - aren't they great? - as well as a description of how it works. I saw them a while back when Toni posted hers on her blog and admired them (and the idea, which is based on a May Britt idea) then. When a new round opened up and new players were being taken, I jumped at the chance. Luckily, several of the previous players, such as Toni and Julie, could vouch for me and I was allowed in - hurrah!

I will have to make a 4" starting block for mid-May, when the whole thing kicks off - lots of time to think about what direction I want to go in with this piece. Probably too much time to think about it, really - but that's ok, I have a number of things to sort out first. It's a long term committment - 15 months - but I love that each installment is such a small section or item - it will mean one can do something fairly elaborate if it suits the quilt without it taking too much time to be practical. Sometimes, of course, a very simple piece may well suit instead, which is also useful in terms of time management. One can only hope that the pieces demanding simple rounds will coincide with the busiest months!

Although it's yet another project I can't show in total, I will be able to show you my own starting square and then give teases as I go along. As we are all showing our starting squares to one another beforehand, I can also show the starting square of each piece I receive. I won't be able to show much else each month, though. Sorry about that...


Emmy said...

heeee just found your blog love to meet you like this
and just have fun making the EC
regards Emmy

Barb's Blurbs said...

Looks like a fun project. I'll have to watch for something like this to participate in myself!

mumzy said...

Congrats on your new round robin. You will have to keep us posted on the progress.

Mom said...

Can you imagine, Sharon let me in to this group too... :-)
I have yet to see whoelse is in though.

Lynda said...

Thanks for sharing the RR. It looks fabulous!