Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lots of post

I received lots of lovely post today, which was a very welcome sight after a day spent in our local market town helping the kids spend their Christmas and birthday money (well, only Alex had birthday money, as the girls' birthdays are in Sept/Oct). It was a nice day, though rather tiring, and I didn't even manage a visit to my lovely local bead shop to compensate - decided it was a bit much with three kids in tow, even with my mother along for the ride.

Anyway, one of the items I received was this, which is Emmy's Exquisite Corpse piece. Obviously, you can't see any of it, as that's the point - there is actually a half inch showing, so that I can try to integrate my work with hers, but I have covered it for the sake of this photo. Emmy has also included an ATC for my collection and a notebook for those of us who are working on the piece to make any notes we wish to. I don't know what I'll do with this piece yet - and of course I won't be able to show you when I do work on it, but there you go...

Anyway, I got some other post as well, which I CAN show - two postcards for the Valentine Shaker swap, which have arrived just in time to be displayed with the rest of the Valentine's cards, before I change the postcard display to something a bit more spring-like - flowers, I think. These two cards are from Liz and Dawn.

And also, I received these items: on the left, a heart-themed tin from Flischa from the FAT trade; on the right, two ATCs from another trade on FAT - the For the Birds ATC swap. These two are from Suzanne and Michelle.

Tomorrow will be another no-sew day - we are going up to town with some friends for a half-term day outing. But on Thursday I have hopes of some sewing time before the promised swimming trip - not sure which part of my life is busier - the normal day to day busy-ness or the half-term "holiday".

Oh, and here's another fun thing - a while back, I sent a bunch of my small scraps to Betty, who was working on a project using 1" squares (unfinished) - well, she's now finished this quilt top, and it's truly remarkable - personally, I can't imagine having the patience for it, but it's definitely impressive -have a look.


Vicki W said...

Love those snow globe cards!

mumzy said...

All of it is just lovely.

I just can't imagine shopping with 3 kids in tow. I had just one and at times, that could be a challenge. However, she is now 37 years old and now is a lot of fun to shop with.

Anonymous said...

I send my 2 shopping with my mum when they have money to spend as she loves to take them and spoil them too.

Post cards are great

Betty Donahue said...

Thank you Kate for posting it and also your wonderful comment.