Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day out, with textiles

No sewing was done today, as we spent the day at Portobello Market - I didn't buy much, though this little tin and some vintage buttons came home with me (I was very tempted by a number of cards of gorgeous Victorian buttons, but I just couldn't justify buying them all, so I went for these nice work buttons instead). I did NOT purchase some vintage lace (at £6 or more per metre) or any number of beautiful antique and/or imported textiles from around the world, including this shibori cloth. There was an even lovelier shibori piece which I also didn't buy as again, I couldn't really justify the £150 for it. (It was quite big.) I also didn't buy the lovely tie-dyed babygear above, though I did enjoy looking at it.

Amazingly enough, I went into a bead shop without buying anything - I didn't think it had much more impressive of a selection than my local one, and it was more expensive. So there you go. There is one thing I wish I'd bought, though - I was looking at some little tin soldiers from a stall that was closing down - these were flat ones, about 50p each. I reckon with the bottoms (stands) taken off, they would have been great fun for mixed media. Oh well, can't have everything!

I blogged a few more photos (not so textile related) over on my family blog, if you are interested - it's a fun place to visit, though in many ways, I prefer Camden Market, as it's not nearly so crammed with people (or maybe it is on a Saturday - I usually go during the week...)

Yesterday, I did actually work some more on quilting the brown & pink pineapple, but there's not really anything to show, as I showed it before. Tomorrow I may do some more on that - I will show another photo when it's finished, but interim photos don't really look any different, so there's no point.

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Guzzisue said...

it's a few years since I've been down to london,maybe it's about time to visit again:-)looks like you had fun.