Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bits and bentos

I did do some more work today - finished the rest of the bento boxes - 12 more, in a bit more girly colours - but I haven't photographed them - and am too lazy to do it now. Maybe later! But I have two nice things I got in the post, which I can show - on the left is my first ATC from the For the Birds swap on FAT (Fibre Art Traders) - mine went in the post this morning, so they hopefully won't be too long on their way to their new homes. This birdie is from Liz in Maryland - isn't he cute? The postcard is from Sharon for the swap called Angelina Fibres - it's late, but that's ok - it's a great card - of course it doesn't photograph well at all, as these shiny postcards with lots of funky fibres often don't.

I also put some binding on the two Japanese Taupe string mini quilts for the February BQL Challenge - tonight I will sew the binding down and then show it tomorrow.

Finally, these postcards aren't new - they are four spare ones I had knocking around which I have donated to Trashalou, for her raffle in aid of victims of the Australian Bush Fires. There are TONS of great prizes you can win - the way it works is, you make a donation to the Australian Red Cross via their website, then let Trash know how much you have donated and for every Australian dollar you donate, you get one chance in the raffle. Check out her blog for more info. I don't think my cards have been added to her list yet, but I'm sure they will be soon - and there are loads of other wonderful things that people have donated. So if you want to do something to help out in this terrible time, but don't really fancy making quilt blocks, or toys, or don't have time, here's another chance to help out.


Papoosue said...

Come on over and collect an Award :-) Susan xx

mumzy said...

What a nice way of helping the unfortunates in Australia. Nice of you.

Sharon said...

So sorry for the delay in getting the PC to you!! Life has been very busy lately and taking the fun time away from my studio!