Monday, February 09, 2009

Cross stitch Monday

No sign of the birds this week (actually, it's a fortnight's worth of update as I didn't post my cross-stitch last week - I had actual sewing to show because of the snow days) as I have been finishing up this heart - decided I'd like to have it finished before Valentine's Day so I could enjoy it seasonally. And yes, I'm putting off going back to the birds. But next cross-stitch back out of the box will be the birds. Of course, I have several things that want binding (though it's not attached yet, so it may be a little while) and the winter blue & white mini quilt wants loads of beads, so that may be the bulk of the hand-work this week.

I did actually pop into my local haberdashery shop today, but as what I bought was 3 metres of bondaweb (I should really buy it by the box - I go through that stuff like my kids go through cereal) and two spools of orange thread (which means I can send my Ostrich off to Anne later this week - woo hoo), I thought I'd spare you the photo.


Clare said...

Sweet hearts (LOL).I do that with thread. Why buy one reel when you should buy two as you're only going to have to go back in 3 weeks.

Karen said...

The heart is very pretty :)