Friday, February 13, 2009


Didn't do any work today as it's Friday (I usually spend the whole day at school) but I did receive several nice things in the post - the ATC on the left came from Heather, who is doing a talk about ATCs and needed some more examples beyond her own to share with her group - she asked on one of my groups if anyone was willing to swap, so I was happy to send her one of my spares.

On the right, is a selection of goodies from Sara in Kuwait, who received some of my abandoned blocks a little while back - these are great goodies - some fabric, some bits and pieces from the souk (my favourite), an ATC, and a lovely little notepad case (with a slip in notepad, so it will be reusable. I had to hide that away from both of my girls quite quickly...

Tomorrow, there may be actual work to show - woohoo.


mumzy said...

Nice goodies. Hiding things from your girls - hope they don't read your blogs. LOL

Lynda said...

In Middle Eastern countries they are much more into sparkle than we are, so your goodies are delectable.