Sunday, October 26, 2008

A productive day

Well, amidst some birthday parties, making a cake, visitors and various other things, I did actually do quite a bit of work today. I quilted this blue and yellow mini - and even bound it (while we were playing dominoes tonight) - it's about 14" square. I put the border on the purple and green ALQS, and will sew it down later. Only a few more little minis to finish to meet all the committments I've made; I'm feeling much more relaxed now. I think I may even get a few more days sewing done this week - once our guests head out to Disneyland Paris, I might take a day or two to mostly hang around the house and sew. The kids like to laze around in the morning anyway, so they should be happy with a few hours of not going out and doing things.

I also did these two things - an arch for my arch swap - this one is in bright colours with Egyptian motifs - which is what my partner said she liked - kind of fun, not my usual style. I was originally going to go with the Eyptian theme with simply a sandy type background to make it look more aged and tombish, but decided to throw in the bright colours in the end - what the heck. I also did a little Hallowe'en ATC, which doesn't show too well in this overexposed photo; essentially it's a pile of bones with the word "oops" - my theme was "skeleton".

Cathi also had a productive day; she made a little mini quilt for my DD2's birthday - it's a sort of sunset beach scene in strips with a couple of dolphins silhouetted against the background (Olivia is very into dolphins) - really sweet, actually - and very quick to do. I think I may convert her to mini quilts - it' s so nice being able to start and finish a project in more or less one go!


Vicki W said...

Yes, I would say it was productive!

Kathy said...

That poor skeleton is great! What a clever idea.

I can't believe how much you got done - and with company there. You must have bribed the guys to take some of the kids off somewhere.


mumzy said...

Your blue and yellow mini is very nice. Those colours are some of my favorite quilt colours. Also think the skeleton is too funny - I love the "Oops".

artisbliss said...

So glad you and Cathi and families get to spend some time together. That skeleton card is so clever!

Karol-Ann said...

Love the skeleton LOL