Saturday, October 11, 2008

High productivity day

...which makes a nice change. Got lots done today - some of what I have to show today was done before, and just finished off today, but that's ok, there's some very old stuff there and many of you may not have seen it before anyway. But new things first. The first thing I did was to make a little mini quiltlet for the 6-12" Flickr Group, where the October theme is to make a non rectangular quilt. While thinking about this theme, I also ran across mention on Crazy Mom Quilts of a Candy Corn Challenge. (To make an object related to Candy Corn, in any media) - and zing! there was the idea - a candy corn shaped quilt - in appropriate colours, of course. So this morning, I raided my scrap strip stash (say that quickly!) and did some quick stitch and flip onto some scrap batting. Then I used the pillowcase method and turned it and quilted it. The whole piece is less than 12" high and maybe 8" across at the bottom. I think it came out well - and it's definitely not a traditional shape!

I also prepped the base of my block for October's birthday block - this is now going to be heavily embellished - not a lot of embroidery as I'm not great at that, but it will have some, as well as ribbon, buttons, charms, beads and so forth. All that will be done by hand, though, so it's just in a little basket waiting to be done in front of the telly.

I then did a set of postcards for the theme "V is for..." - I have chosen "vase" (of flowers, of course) - the flowers look a little odd, but I am reasonably happy with the cards, and I think they will do.

Finally, I worked on a present for a friend's 40th - which is Monday (she lives in the US - guess it's not going to get there on time!). These book pages have been mostly done for I don't know how long - well over a year - and only needed assembling into a book. I didn't start out to make them for Kristen for her 40th, they were from an online class with Lenna Andrews, but somewhere along the line, they made me think of her and I thought they'd make a fun present. Then I kind of forgot about them. So today, I took the last few out of the box and finished them off (they needed to be attached to a stabiliser) and then put holes and grommets in all of them, and bound them with gold cord. Photos of the page spreads below - I think it will be a really fun present (she already has a quilt from another occasion). The pages are approximately 7 inches square.


Karol-Ann said...

Wow that's a super amazing 40th birthday present!!!

Kathy said...

I love the candy corn quilt! Of course, I'm rather addicted to the candy itself. It's available in the stores now and I'll allow myself one bag in honor of Halloween - that's all for the year.

The fabric book is beautiful and I"m sure Kristin will love it. It's hard to realize you girls are turning 40 this year. Makes me feel rather old.


Guzzisue said...

please let me ask, what is candy corn? The book looks so good, I'm sure it will be treasured. :-)

mumzy said...

The candy corn quilt is really awesome. That idea would make a beautiful full-size quilt, if it was changed to squares. The colour changes is what is so attractive to me.

The birthday book is a very nice idea as well. What a lovely birthday gift.

Have a great day!

artisbliss said...

Absolutely LOVE the book! What a great gift! The candy corn is really cute, too. We're awash in that sort of stuff in the US right now as Halloween approaches.

At Artful Taste of Autumn last night I visited with a young woman who looked a lot like you. Made me smile.

Gunnels blog said...

Such a beautiful present!!

I take this class last autumn for Lenna Andrews, so fun !!

Genie said...

Lovely Fabric book, Lucky Kristin
and love the colours of the candy corn quilt

Angelcat said...

Wow you have had a busy day! What a wonderful present I'm sure your friend will love it!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Kate, I LOVE the candy corn quilt. So cute!

Julie said...

The candy corn quilt is beautiful -especially the stitching. The book is gorgeous too.

black bear cabin said...

The book for your friend is just awesome...very pretty...and i LOVE the candy corn block :)
looks like you are making up for some lost time...a very creative day for you!

Lenna Andrews said...

Your pages are beautiful, kate! It is so lovely to see them all put together into a book as I remember some of them seen separately, from our on-line class! What beautiful colors and images you have used . . . and all the pages are different, yet similar enough in style to pull it all together. WOW, what a fantastic birthday present! :)makes me very proud you started this in my online class!! Thanks for sharing, Lenna