Sunday, October 19, 2008

A little peek

...of the Spring Fling Round Robin border I worked on today (now finished and ready to send off). I can't show much of it, as we are not supposed to give away the game - but here's a little glimpse. This bit is about a 2 inches high, so it really is a little glimpse...

Also done today was this week's journal quilt - or rather last week's. In the end, I wasn't really inspired until this lovely drawing which Olivia did for me years ago fell off the pinboard again - I decided to turn it into a journal quilt as it does fall off the pinboard on a fairly regular basis. Now I'll have it forever as a journal quilt. I love the way the leaves are all on the same side of the stems!

1 comment:

Karol-Ann said...

An intriguing glimpse! Olivia's flowers are beautiful!!