Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cross stitch, quilting, goals

The problem with this cross-stitch - or rather, the problem with the way I've been photographing it is that each photo is a different angle... Anyway. Here's a view from about 3 weeks ago (left) and another from 2 weeks ago (centre) and finally, tonight - I didn't take a photo last week, as I'd only done about one box. So. 13 blocks to go, and then the centre panel. I might actually move to the central panel before I do all the boxes, as two of them are initials and date - seems silly to do them before I'm really finished. But progress is definitely being made.

Spent a lot of time today quilting the diamond quilt - did spirals with meandering - looks kind of funny in this photo, but looks good on the quilt. I've only done this in the centre - the diamonds and into the black border a bit. On the floral batik border, I'm going to go around the flowers, I think - and continuing into the rest of the black border in the places where the spiral meander quilting doesn't touch.

And finally, a review of the week's goals:

  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 4/10) - done. and I managed to make it fit another requirement - the October challenge on Textile Challenges
  • second September blocks for birthday swap - done. whew.
  • September arch for Textile Challenges - yep.
  • add border to Caroline's sister's quilt (a commissioned piece) and pin together for quilting - done, and started quilting it.

So, not sure what this week is going to be like - hopefully I will get at least a few hours of quilting and sewing time. Sunday, I am hoping to make it to the Knit and Stitch show at Ally Pally, which at least will be fibre related!

  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 11/10)
  • start October birthday block
  • work on Angela's quilt
  • set of postcards - "starts with V" (deadline 15/10)


Vicki W said...

You are making great progress on the corss stitch!

Miss 376 said...

Wow you have been busy. A wonderful cross stitch and the looking forward to seeing the quilt in full

Angelcat said...

Wow this really is coming along a treat, it will be done in no time!