Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday roundup

Well, I normally tend to keep things like politics off my blog, but I thought it was worth mentioning that my little absentee vote will be winging its way over to the US next week, to be counted with its brothers and sisters. As I vote in Maryland, I shouldn't think my vote will be needed to reach a decision, but it's there in case. Those of you who know me at all, will know who I voted for... After living outside the US for so long, I feel a little odd voting in US elections, and in fact, I don't vote for things like "pick no more than 3 candidates for the local school board" - I've no idea who these people (all women this year) are and who will do a good job. But frankly, who is President of the US makes a huge difference not only within the US, but on the world stage, so I'm glad to have the chance to have my say in that part of the election, at least.

So, that's some outgoing post - I also FINALLY got to the post office and mailed off the birthday blocks to Julie (sorry to take so long!), the arch to Patsy, the lotto blocks to Barbara and Michele and the mini quilt to Colene - so if you are any of those people reading this (and I'm fairly sure all of you but Michele at least pop in from time to time) the items should be with you soon. Thanks for your patience!

On to the incoming post - more lotto blocks. These are from Rho, Michele and Shelli and again, will help make a very nice little baby quilt. Which, who knows, I may even get made some time this year. Or not!

This has been a very unproductive week for me, though I'm planning to get some serious sewing time in tomorrow and Sunday - in the mornings at least. I have a lot of things which need doing, so hopefully plans will not "gang agley". And next week will be a little low on sewing time as well, as I have been offered some work at school in the mornings, for two weeks - which is great - it will be fun, as it's doing some cover in the nursery, which I really enjoy - and of course, a little money will be nice.


mumzy said...

I will be glad to see the end of our elections here in Canada. That means we vote on Tuesday, October 14th. It is a difficult decision this time as the politicians' ads this time were mostly downgrading the oppositions rather than what their platforms were about.

As far as quilting, this week has been a bust for me too. Too many other things going on between visitors, making jam, and cleaning the house.

jovaliquilts said...

Kate, I didn't know you were from the US! I can hardly wait for the elections to be over -- it has gone on so long -- but I think it's a very important election.

Shasta said...

Hmm, I thought you had to be a resident to vote in the U.S. Cool that you are supporting our vote.

When I don't know the candidates or issue, etc., I don't vote on that topic. I think it is better to leave it up to the people who do know than to pick the prettiest /smartest sounding name and wind up swaying the vote.

Margaret aka Supermom said...

I'd think that given the AWFUL state of our country and it's lost reputation in the world, it is an imperative thing to have on one's blog! Getting that MORON and his other republican cronies out of office is a must (no, I don't h ave a strong opinion do I??).

Anonymous said...

Shasta...I haven't heard such a ridiculous method of voting in my entire life. Learn the issues, and learn how you can help to swap the country and yourself in a more positive direction. Doing nothing is only contributing to the enormous problems at hand.

katelnorth said...

Well, I do have strong opinions - very strong opinions, as it happens - anyone who grew up outside Washington DC is almost obliged to, I think! - but I tend to keep it off this blog as I don't want to spend all my time talking politics - I want to talk about fibre art.

For the same reason, I tend to keep religious issues off as well. And extreme opinions about child-rearing - after all, those are the things likely to start fights - witness the rather rude anonymous comment left here - which I am not deleting, but I do wish if people were going to leave rude comments, they wouldn't do it anonymously!