Monday, October 20, 2008

Cross stitch, goals

Real progress this week - I have finished the word "America" - now to start down the side and do the two robins in the nest. I think after that, I may dig out the Christmas pieces and put this down until mid-January or so (when I will be tired of Christmas pieces). I have one Christmas piece I might finish this year - it's a group of topiary planters with the letters "NOEL" on the planters, and is about a third done; the other is a group of angels ringing a bell with a border and the words "Hark the Herald Angels Sing [etc]" going around in a red border - I've been working on that one for years - but only about 6 weeks of the year!

Anyway, that's the cross-stitch update - here's a goals round-up

  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 18/10) - yes, it's basic, but done
  • set of star ornaments (deadline received by 1/11 in the US) - done, posted.
  • finish October birthday block - I'm calling this done - I have one 2 inch seam to sew and it can go in the post.
  • start ALQS2 - made good progress here - nearly finished, just need to bind and add a sleeve
  • work on Angela's quilt - nothing done here, but it's been a difficult week to work on any larger projects - maybe this week will be better for that

On to this week's goals:

  • journal quilt for the week (deadline 25/10) - I only have 4 more of these to do - last week's was number 48. As fun as it's been, I am definitely stopping when I get to the end of my year. I might do occasional pieces as journal quilts, but no more weekly committment - hoorah!
  • put binding on ALQS2 (deadline 11/10)
  • quilt mini for birthday swap with Andrea (deadline 1/11)
  • work on Angela's quilt


Vicki W said...

you have made great progress!

Miss 376 said...

What good progress you've made.

Angelcat said...

oh these poor little birdies, it will be sad to see them put away again for a while, but I'm looking forward to seeing those christmas pieces :)