Friday, October 17, 2008

October Hexagon

Here's my one creative thing in the past few days (and the next few, too, I imagine!) - the October block for the birthday block swap. Technically, I was supposed to do a hexagon with a June theme (I think) as that's when my own "birthday" month is, but as I mentioned liking autumn, Diane said she'd swap with me. I took her up on this, and have done an October theme. I realised when I was nearly done, that there are no pumpkins on this, which is perhaps a little odd, but I tend to associate October with trees and leaves and the colours turning, so that's what I've done here. I do still need to stitch up the opening where the block was turned, but it's done enough to show.

Such a busy week this week - I was out so many days at school (this time, getting paid for most of it!) and other places, I barely had time to think, let alone sew. Tomorrow I won't get anything much done (probably) as it's Geoff's birthday (50!) and we are having a dinner party with some old friends, which means some serious cooking. I enjoy cooking, actually, so it will be fun. Also, despite my cleaners coming Tuesday, I do need to give the house a quick going over, as there are little bits of wallpaper and dust and so forth all over the hallway and stairs on all levels. The good news is that the hallway redecorating is really coming on now, and I love the colour of the paint now that it's on the way (I liked it before, but it's always hard to tell what it will be like on the wall). I think it's going to look quite different on the different levels, as it's one of those colours that seems to react to the light a lot.

[The colour is nothing too exciting, just a kind of creamy off-white, which looks actually a lot like the colour of unbleached calico. Which is, no doubt, why it's called "Quilted Calico" - I kid you not. We narrowed it down to 3 neutral colours all fairly similar - this one, one called "Twisted Bamboo" which was a little greener and another I can't remember the name of, which was a little whiter than this one, which is very creamy with a little tiny hint of peach in it in the right light - I really liked all three of the colours more or less equally, so how could I resist going with the one called "Quilted Calico"? Not sure what's particularly "quilted" about it, but whatever - paint names will always remain a bit of a mystery to me. Anyway, I promise photos when it's all done - maybe by the end of next week for most of it!]


AmyB said...

Pretty hexie! I'm going to start mine this weekend... maybe even tonight, if I can convince myself to get out of this chair :-)

Karol-Ann said...

Hey this is groovy! How is the receiver planning on putting it together. i.e. you mentioned it was turned... is it a double-sided block you're sending which gets handstitched to the next one?

Clare said...

Love the colours on this. Really autumnal.

Now that the days are drawing in I'm thinking it's time to redecorate the kitche. Whether it gets done is a different matter!

Kathy said...

I love the autumn hexagon block. No surprise, as fall colors are my favorites, too.

Several of my friends here think you are impossibly organized and must somehow have added hours to the standard 24-hour day in order to accomplish all that you do. Consider yourself complimented.