Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back and ready to upload tons of pics - tomorrow.

So, I'm back. If you're reading this, you no doubt figured that out... Lots of photos tomorrow, of all the post I got while away (a big stack of postcards and some other stuff), some ribbon I bought in the market in Loughborough, and what handwork I did while gone - not a lot, but enough not to feel like I'm too behind now. Too tired to photograph and so forth tonight.

One thing I did that was textile related when we were away was to visit the Charnwood Museum in Loughborough, which happened to have not one but TWO temporary exhibits about textile related things while we were in the area. This is a small local museum, free, with good displays for a small local museum, but nothing earthshattering. The first exhibit was about lacemaking, which isn't surprising, as parts of the midlands are well known for lacemaking. Interesting, though lacemaking isn't the highest thing on my list of textile interests. The other exhibit, though, was of more interest to me personally. It was called Tantalising Textiles and was put on by the Second Turning Textile Group, a midlands group of textile artists who work in a variety of media. It was a small display, just a single room, but lots of interesting stuff. One quilt, but many smaller pieces, including 3D work like dolls, bags and brooches. I enjoyed all of it (unfortunately (but understandably), no photography allowed) and in particular a felted piece with alliums (allia?) - can't remember the artist's name - which was really lovely and makes me really want to try some nuno felting. Another thing for The List.

Anyway, a proper update (or more likely, two or three) tomorrow. Nice to be back - I missed my computer, probably in a seriously unhealthy way. Though I did manage to read three books!

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