Tuesday, March 17, 2009

House & cross-stitch

As promised, photos of the cross-stitch - not a lot of progress made on the birds, though I did finish the Rhode Island Red. After that, I worked on this little orange tree, which is slightly (though not much) more colourful in real life. I have started another little (Easter-themed) sampler, but as I have only stitched about 3 rows, all one colour, I shall spare you!

And on the right, a house front for the swap on Textile Challenges. This isn't quite finished yet, as I have to edge it and put a back on, but you can get the general idea. In the photo it looks a bit washed out and samey - it does look better in person, at least I think so. The theme was Victorian, so I have used a civil war repro as a background, a photograph (though they may be slightly more Edwardian than Victorian) and lots of lace & buttons. I'm happy with it on the whole, just wish it photographed better.

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Vicki W said...

I haven't made any progress on my corss stitch this week at all. Maybe by next week I will have picked it up again!