Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter cross-stitch

No birds this week as I have been stitching this bunny - the colour is wrong in both of these photos - too yellow on the left and too dull on the right - but what can a girl do? (Well, I do know a few things I could do to make better photos, but I am too lazy - if I had to have perfect photos in order to blog, I'd never blog!). The rabbit is the main time-taker in this pattern; once that's done the rest will stitch up very quickly, I'm sure.


mumzy said...

Cute bunny. DD would love that piece and she has a bunny for a pet.

black bear cabin said...

i do the same thing with my photos...i know i could get a better one, but i dont feel like draggin out the tripod and working with the there it is...use your imagination, you get the idea :)

Cute bunny sampler! I love your little cross stitches! You must have so many of them hanging in your home.