Sunday, March 22, 2009

Doll quilt; recycling

In addition to spending some more time working on the blocks for the Contrary Wife quilt (which I shall spare you a photo of this time) , today I helped Olivia quilt a little teddy bear quilt she pieced together yesterday - I did let her try out a little free-motion quilting, but she wasn't happy enough with her results to do it on her "real" quilt, so I quilted it myself. At her request, lots of swirls and loops and some flowers.
On the right, the start of some postcards for a "recycled" theme. These started with a quilt sandwich made from an old Brownie's shirt of Olivia's (not suitable for handing on as a) it was the really old style shirt and came from a jumble sale in the first place and b)it was covered with specks of paint, etc) - this was the sandwich I used to demonstrate FMQ to Olivia and let her have a go. We did that mostly in yellow thread so it would add texture without really showing - I then added more stitching in various other colours, before beginning to embellish. The black lace is from a bra which was being thrown out (has a tear in the lace of the cup) and the silver punched bits came from a Coke can (ok, Diet Coke really). What's next? Not sure - need to check and see what I have knocking around that falls into the category of recycled. I know my mother brought me a couple of baggies of buttons and other embellishments from yard sales, some of which still have bits of shirts on them, so I know they aren't new! And used postage stamps are always a nice touch. We'll see what else I have in a few days' time when I work on them again.

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