Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, this is obviously the week for me to acquire fabric... The above large box of mainly upholstery samples came from a neighbour whose husband brought it home from work (it was being chucked out). I rifled through the box, took out what I wanted (right) and am sending the rest to school - there was quite a bit of brightly coloured poly of some sort which I didn't really see using, even in an artistic way - but lots of fab samples in various odd fabrics and colours which I can definitely see using for smaller, funkier works. It's nice to have a local reputation as someone who can make use of "craft stuff".
And these two things arrived in the post - my fabric club from eQuilter - blues this month, obviously. These are great for stash building (not that I really need to build my stash, precisely, but it's actually very useful to have fabrics I might not normally select in my stash - I rarely get something I really don't like and often find things which are just right, but unexpected). And on the right, some fabulous bird fabric from Carol in New Zealand. She bought this fabric and I admired it on her blog, so she said she'd check and see if the shop had any more. They didn't, of course, but she has sent me some offcuts from her project. How cool is that? I sense some ATCs, etc. with a bird theme.
I have made some cross-stitch progress as well, but I shall save that to show for a day (perhaps tomorrow) when I have nothing else to show.


Sally said...

Wow so much to receive on one day ! who's a very lucky person !
As I have a reasonable sttash of fabric, I got asked by my DD's school to donate when they were sewing cushions in the craft lesson, which was actually a very good reasond to clear out some of the older fabric and make room for some new.

mumzy said...

Lucky you. Nice addition to your stash. Love the colours too.

Corryna said...

Great fabrics! It is so nice to have more, more, more... :-)