Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Block Lotto

I had some unexpected time today to sew - I often have Tuesday mornings, but as I had to drive my mother to the airport, I knew I'd lose that. However, as it happens, Alex was sick last night and stayed home from school today (much better today, luckily), so I didn't go to work today, just took Mom to the airport and then came back here. In between waiting on a small boy who was better enough to begin to get bored and want entertaining, I managed to make some blocks for the March block lotto.

When I saw these gorgeous colours for the lotto this month, I knew I definitely had to make time for it - I do try every month, even if I don't want to win the blocks, as it's something I've helped with in the past and I like to encourage people to play, and sweeten the pot a little. But this one is really me, so I'd love to win.

The block lotto is aimed at quilters of all levels, including beginners, and all the blocks are designed to be accessible to beginners. The blocks are also usually easily made from scraps or stash, rather than from something you'd need to go out and buy, although this obviously depends on the size and breadth of your stash. I manage to do pretty well, though I did have to buy fabric the month we used plaids, as that's not something I have a lot of myself - lots of the people in the lotto had them in stash though.

The block lotto used to be based on the about.com quilting forum (although it's had a blog for a long time); it has recently moved to be based entirely from the blog. It's open to anyone who can provide a digital photo of the blocks they make, so if you are interested, go check it out - for each block you make in a given month (up to a maximum of 9) you get one chance in the draw. Depending on the number of blocks, there might be one winner, or 5 - Sophie, who coordinates the lotto, makes sure that each winner has enough blocks to make a quilt with - might be a small quilt, of course, especially as we are currently making 6" blocks most months - but certainly enough for a nice baby quilt, so if you were to win, you'd not win (for instance) 17, 6" blocks, which you'd then have nothing you could do with and would just sit in your sewing room.

Anyway, go on over and check it out - you can tell them I sent you, LOL.


sophie said...

Gorgeous blocks, Kate, as always. Thanks for the plug.

The Calico Cat said...

But what if Sophie sent me... (Her blog was ahead of yours on my bloglines...)

black bear cabin said...

i wondered what happened to it...i didnt see it on about.com.
i havent played along in a while, mostly because i wasnt fond of the last few block styles. this style is very cute though...ill go check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

wow , the quilting is really evolving into an art. It is freakin awesome.

Feti said...

I am new to this and this will be the fist time I will try to make some blocks on my own. Hope they look like yours!