Sunday, January 14, 2018

Successful shopping...

Today I went to the Quilter's Sale & Quilt Show at Farnham Maltings - I go every January, as there are quite a few vendors there getting rid of older stock for somewhat bargain prices (anything from £3/metre to the more common £5 or £6 and up).  It's an excellent place to get backings for quilts, without quite so much cash outlay. I went with a list of all the quilt tops I currently own which don't have paired backings (except one older, really big one, which I'm not really interested in finishing up any time soon). There were 10 on the list. I came back with suitable backings for all of them. A good start to the quilting year. Hopefully that will bode well for the year!

Here they all are, paired up with the tops. The one above is small quilt/baby quilt sized. 

This one of course didn't come out well, colourwise, being purple. It's more warm in tone. The quilt is scrappy, but I think the background is a good match.

Baby quilt size with hand-dyes; the batik backing will suit very well. 

This is quite a small quilt, what's show is a quarter, and I bought the bolt end of this fabric, so I'll have some leftover to do other things with.

This one doesn't show well - it's a taupe colour with small blue dots. 

As the quilt top looks quite "stained glass" I thought the  back suited it well.

This one is African fabrics on the top - the backing is black and brown and isn't African, but has a similar sort of feel to it.

These squares are of hand-dyed fabrics, with some signature squares, from a swap with group I used to belong to. I wanted something with an interesting colour tone for the background, but not handdyes...

This has a lot of Hawaiian shirt fabric in it, along with strong tonal colours; the backing is pretty in-your-face but it seemed quite Hawaiian in some ways.

A nice strong brown to go with these autumnal prints; the colours are actually quite tricky. I was hoping for something in the olive green tone, but couldn't find anything suitable. The brown is very pretty, though.

And finally, this doesn't go with any of my quilts, but it was very inexpensive and will make a nice addition to my Project Linus stash.


Shasta Matova said...

You've found great backings for your quilts at a wonderful price. The birds are my favorite.

Sarah said...

I used to love going to the Maltings every year when I lived in whitton! You got some lovely fabrics to back your quilts. Does that mean there will be lots of finishes this year?