Monday, January 08, 2018

Revisting my Journal Quilts, week 8

(Journal Quilt no 8 completed on 9 January 2008)

This week's journal quilt is a tree, free motion embroidered on tree batik fabric. At the time of making, I was taking part in an online course called  Tempting the Muse with Laura Cater-Woods. One of the assignments during that week was to think of an image you'd like to feature in your work and reduce it to a basic form. I haven't quite done that here, but I have been thinking of trees, and playing with them - here I first stitched with brown thread, then went back over the piece with a neutral variegated to make it seem more wintery.

And with this quilt, I'm back at the point I should have been, had I started back on my birthday in November, when I meant to. Which means these entries will now be once a week, as they are supposed to be, instead of daily.  And the final one, number 52, should finish up on my birthday (as I am going to post weekly on Monday), and round the year off.

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