Sunday, January 07, 2018

Revisting my Journal Quilts, week 7

(Journal Quilt no 7 completed 4 January 2008)

Here's what I wrote about this quiltlet at the time of making; I think it's still quite a good explanation...

This has been an odd week –started with being up at my mother-in-law’s house, then back home but no school, then school. A bit all over the place. The little bit of work I’ve done this week has also been a bit patchy and all over the place, as I try to get all the bits finished for deadlines, etc. So I thought that for my Journal Quilt, I would show that patchy, all over the place kind of feeling. Starting with bits from the top of my scrap basket, I log-cabin pieced a kind of mock-crazy quilt square – all these fabrics are things I’ve used recently in blocks, projects, swaps, etc (including in two different bags, birthday swap blocks, the orange swap, a Christmas project, the Hever group quilt, and the little fabric boxes I’ve been making).  I then added some embellishments – ribbons, etc and some of the heart brads I used on the Valentine’s ornaments I made this week.  The paper on the back is what I used to back my 1960s postcards.

Just in case you are interested, here's how the fabrics were originally used, from the centre out:

  1. art nouveau centre: bag lining & hearts & handles for February test bag

  2. gold geometric print: supermarket shopper bag

  3. green batik: leaves for Hever group quilt

  4. orange trees: orange block swap

  5. turquoise shibori: postcard background

  6. pink floral: used then rejected (i.e. ripped out and replaced) for choc & pink bday block

  7. pink & orange stars: orange block swap

  8. brown circles: choc & pink block

  9. muted sage green tonal: outside of Feb test bag

  10. orange print: orange block swap

  11. blue stars: snowflake quilt, various christmassy things

  12. dark green batik: leaves as above

  13. multi-coloured purple hand-dye: little boxes, insides mostly

  14. also used the pink lace and brads on the Valentine's ornaments; the other laces, ribbons, etc are random

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