Monday, January 22, 2018

Revisting my Journal Quilts, week 10

(Journal Quilt no 10 completed on 26 January 2008)

This quilt had no particular theme - it just started with a fabric sandwich and grew from there. I first  filled it with a number of free motion quilting patterns in different threads - some of them inspired by the ideas in Dijanne Cevaal's book, some of them just off the top of my head.

Then I added some stuff - just whatever struck my fancy. There's a transparency, held down by some heart-shaped brads; a bit cut from an old postcard; a bit of an old mobile (the metal figure); some polymer clay pieces, a bead, a flower and some sequins. I think I will either bind it or finish the edges, but for the moment, it's more or less done.

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