Thursday, January 04, 2018

Revisiting my Journal Quilts, week 4

(Journal Quilt no 4 completed on 14 December 2007)

This photograph has suffered from a combination of bad winter light and the use of white-on-white fabric, but the general idea of the quiltlet is there - a decorated Christmas tree. This piece would have been done during the week we put up the Christmas tree, of course. At the time I wrote this:

"It was a very quick and simple piece, with the tree stitched down simply with invisible thread and then the garland (which I hasten to add was prestrung and has been hanging out in a drawer for at least a year - it came from the Pier in a post Christmas sale - possibly even in 2005) attached. Not only is the tree representative of my week, but the necessary quickness and simplicity certainly embodies this week, which has been full of many things, most of them not sewing."

Some things never change!

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