Friday, January 05, 2018

Revisiting my Journal Quilts, week 5

(Journal Quilt no 5 completed on 20 December 2007)

This week's journal quilt was another dual-purpose piece - it served as my weekly journal as well as a piece for a Fibre and Stitch challenge.  The challenge was to do something with some scraps - select a small baggie of scraps, spending no more than 15 minutes picking them out, then make something.  I started with a layer of misc small purple scraps, which I fused down, then did FMQ on the seams. Then I added lots of purple yarns and fibres, then some ribbon of various sizes, and some wool, finally stitching on some skeleton leaves and some purple mesh, then gluing on some polymer clay faces and words, and some little jewels. And a pink ribbon around the edge to finish. I stitched the whole thing with purple variegated thread, as well, so there's some texture from that in there, too.

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