Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday roundup - and some winners, too

After finally ridding the house of an infestation of gigglers (aka 9 & 10 year old girls, who will later today turn into grumpers as a result of not enough sleep) I sat down to work on some cards I have waiting to go out later this week. I edged the recycle cards (skipped a photo of them, as they look the same as before, only with edging), then painted the fabric for the leaves and did the first additional layer on a couple of them (skeleton leaf over the top) - I envisage at least two more leaf themed additions - leaf shaped sequins and I have some little plastic leaf thingies (that's the technical term, mind you) which I intend to add, as well. Maybe one or two other things, depending on what I can find.

And I did the card tops for the Autumn Colours swap - I wanted something really simple and straightforward for this one, emphasising the colours, so have used small squares of hand-dyes on a batik background. I will back and edge them next week, but they are basically done. Whew.

And of course, the moment you are all waiting for - the draw! Many thanks to everyone who left a comment last week. And the winners are - drumroll please... Liz Swinney for the bookcase blocks and Sequana for the beads. Goodies will be on the way as soon as addresses are received - and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for a new giveaway (which I will hopefully remember to do - school is closing early tomorrow for parent consultations, so my whole routine will be thrown off, so who knows whether my brain will work or not - just warning you all now!)


joyce said...

your cards are looking really good.

Karol-Ann said...

I really love your leaf cards - I want them all!!! LOL