Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday winner

Well, more later, as I hope to get some more work done this afternoon (most of my morning sewing time was a bit occupied by having to sit on the sofa cuddling my poor little DS, who was being sick - ah, the joys of parenting - but he seems all better now and is running about the house with his sisters claiming to be really hungry ("because I sicked up everything in my tummy, mummy")) but just a quick post here to announce this week's winner - the flying geese blocks will soon be on their way to RLBates (Suture for a living) - congratulations & send me your postal address so I can send the geese flying your way... If you haven't ever visited this blog - check it out - she combines her professional sewing (she's a plastic surgeon) with her personal sewing (a quilter, of course!) - everything you ever wanted to know about ear deformities is there this month!

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Hedgehog said...

What a cool site! Glad your little one is feeling better.