Thursday, September 20, 2007

Honourably discharged

Another fairly good day today, though technically I did the discharge yesterday and only ironed it today - the top pieces were done with a Clorox Bleach Pen (on left) and regular household bleach (on right). With the bleach pieces, I folded them up, like for tie-dying. The pieces at bottom left were done with discharge paste - I'm not sure if these are discharged as much as they could have been if I'd ironed them more, but I discovered that my steam iron leaks (it's fairly old & I almost never use the steam function), so that's as good as it was going to get. Funny thing is, I was thinking this swap was due the end of September, but it turns out, it's the end of October, so I'm way ahead on it - hoorah!

On the right, a piece I've been working on for a while, which I did some more on today. The deadline for this, which has been "a long way off" for a long time is actually approaching now (end of October) so I really need to get going with it. Today I mostly finished the light green (I may add a few more strands later, we'll see) and started the sky. The water I am planning to do with beads. (It's not a very big bit of water - the whole piece is about 18x24 or smaller).

I decided to make a few additions to the faces in flames piece - I knew it was wanting something, just not sure what. Today it decided it wanted some flames, made from organza, in a couple of colours, so I added those. It still wants something more, but it's coming along now. I'm sure it will let me know!

And this afternoon, I made some more faces - did this after school with Olivia & Alex (Sarah being at a friend's house) - my faces are on the right, Alex's are a thin line down the centre and Olivia's are on the left. Wanted to try my new(ish) moulds, and also, running short of little faces to use for inchies and things.

I did do something else today, quilt-related - I pinned together the little black and bright baby quilt so I can actually quilt it as soon as my machine gets back from the shop (I have a borrowed machine at the moment, which I am not happy doing FMQ on). The baby isn't due for a few more weeks, but it was threatening to come early (it turned into breech position at 36.5 weeks, the silly thing; luckily, my friend went in yesterday and they were able to turn it back around properly - hopefully it will stay that way until it's ready to come out!) so I decided I'd best get a move on. So much for my "spare" baby quilt top. Will have to make a few more (well, I'll have the flying geese one, so that's one, at any rate). Anyway, too boring to show a photo of that - it looks just like the top did, only with safety pins all over it!


Julie said...

Your seascape piece is coming along well - not that I've consciously seen it before. I like the texture you are getting. The "bleaching" looks good too. Where did you get the bleach pen from?

StegArt said...

That landscape piece will be fantastic. And love those squiggly lines from the bleach pen.

Vicki W said...

Great discharge pieces. I love your flames piece too!

Jane Weston said...

Great discharge the words...I take it they are completely random .. vintage, imagination Christmas...wireless?