Friday, September 21, 2007

African (themed) squishie

Spent the day today at school sorting out the library, which is full of old, tattered, uninspiring books, with a smaller number of nice ones thrown in. The PTA has set aside a big chunk of money to buy new books for the library, so it's time to sort through the old ones, do an inventory, tidy things up, and so on. So that's my Fridays for the next couple of weeks. Which is fine - the other two women I was working with are good friends, so it's a bit of a laugh, as well.

But it did mean, I got no work done. So it was nice to come home to this lovely squishie - full of African goodies (and a few other things) - from Karol Ann. And another African block, which makes it my turn again, even though I just sent one yesterday! But she's preparing for being away for several months for a visit back home (South Africa) so she's trying to get ahead, I think.

Anyway, lots of lovely bits of African fabric, the block, some buttons, a nice bit of trim, and another lovely keychain (I got a star last winter from her, which I love, but I really like this little lizard, too, so I've decided I simply have to use both of them). Very nice for a comfort squishie, it certainly brought a smile to my face...


Papoosue said...

Nice squishie!

You just can't keep away from the PTA can you ;-) (by the way, the offer of baking was gratefully received!).

anne bebbington said...

You know it's amazing how the British education establishment is helped to keep afloat by people like you Kate - so much free goodwill - well done for being one of those volunteers - mind you as you say it can be a great social thing too