Saturday, March 02, 2013

Giveaway update

Just wanted to say, if you are one of the people who signed up to my giveaway, I have sent some of the scraps out.  I still have some envelopes to mail - these are going to Vicki, Virginia, Lynda, Marei and Lynne. (I just grabbed half the stack the other day - mostly UK ones and a few internationals). I hope to get the rest in the post later this week.

Also, someone called Jo left a comment (saying yellows, reds & oranges), but you are set to no-reply and don't have a blog linked to your profile, so I have no way of contacting you. If you read this and want to email me your address, I've got a pile of scraps for you as well!


Marei said...

Thanks, Kate. I'm excited to be getting some "international" scrappy bits to add to mine.

Lynne said...

Ooo, thank you!

hula-la said...

YAY!!! Received the lovely stash today! Can't wait to create something...not sure what just yet...but they are beauties! THANK YOU KATE!