Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another drawer tidy

This weekend I tackled another drawer - this one, I kept most of the things in it, though I did tidy it quite a bit. There's lots more room in this drawer (though I probably won't keep this storage unit for sewing stuff, so that's irrelevant). 

Here's what it looked like before I tidied it up. 

And here are the things I decided I don't need any more (not the ruler, that just happened to be on the table!).  This time, no giveaway, as I am going to send the paper punches to a friend who does lots of paper crafting and who has a birthday coming up soon - and who is as keen as I am on recycling, reusing and passing things on.  The string is going to school.   Only another hundred drawers, boxes, shelves, and so on to go (well, maybe not quite that many, but many will take a lot longer to sort through!)


Lynne said...

I love how you're taking it slowly, one drawer at a time!

Lyndsey said...

Great job and like you I love recycling what I can to family and friends. I'm going through the same process as I'm trying to restructure in preparation for retirement. Work items back to work, brownie bits to brownies and the rest being sorted to within an inch of its life. Slow and steady is definitely the best approach to the situation.